Hi! I’m Diana Kirk. Thanks for stopping by.

Diana Kirk with Abbie

My blog is all about my passions. If its worth saying its worth debating and its worth discovering. Im a Welsh girl who loves nothing more than the simple things in life. However I can be a contradiction in terms. Yes, I want. Yes, I dream but more importantly I aspire. If you stop believing then you will just settle and non of us should do this.

I’m the real country girl. Born in a small mining town in South Wales called Cwrt-newydd I’m the youngest of three daughters.

My parents owned and ran a small garage fixing cars, selling petrol and operating a small taxi services from their farmhouse at the top of the village. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up but my parents worked hard to afford everything and if we couldn’t afford it we didn’t buy it. The villages didn’t have much money especially after Maggie Thatcher cut the farmers subsides, but everyone in the village worked hard and made do.

In this small mining village you went to school as soon as you could as there weren’t enough children to attend the local school. If there was snow you went to school and if you couldn’t get home because you were snowed in at school you were taken home by tractor. This is what it was like growing up in rural Wales. I had the best summers as a child. My time would be spent with my only grandfather helping on his farm. My fondest memories as a child were spent on my grandfather’s farm which was only a small holding but was perfect for all my mini adventures. It’s every little girls dream to have chickens and ducks to feed, well-trained collies to play with and lambs to bottle feed. I couldn’t play a computer game to save my life but could help round-up sheep by the age of 8.

A little older and a bit more wiser I still love the country side. I feel fortunate that my parents scrimped and saved to afford an old farm house with loads of land so I could have the best childhood a child could ever want. Today most of my free time is spent wondering the Cotswolds or on a secluded beach. My weekends are mini adventures and full of old and new friends.

My husband and I both work really hard and don’t have much time off, so we try to make the most of any time together and cram in as much as possible. During the summer we like to dine alfresco. Straight after work we would head out to a local town called Lechlade -Paddle board up the Thames and have tea by the river. In the winter we like to hide from the elements in a local country pub and toast our boots and paws by an open fire after a muddy walk down the Thames path or by the Windrush with our dog Abbie Doodle Bear.

I’ve been documenting my walks and adventures for years on social media and after being asked for locations and recommendations I decided to set up this blog website.

This page is dedicated to my family, friends and my furry family – Abbie Doodle Bear and my kitty, Pebbles. I hope you find this site a fantastic insight into my mad world of mini adventures, animals and home life. There will be the odd debate thrown in for good measure. I am after all very opinionated and passionate when it comes to current affairs and matters of importance.

Please stop by and throw me comment as I’d love to hear from you.