In or Out the EU my opinion in the sea of propaganda

After being subjected to a 5 minute “leave campaign” broadcast I thought I’d write a blog entry to help you understand why I believe we need to remain in the EU. I have been overwhelmed and disgusted by the propaganda and plain lies being spread by both sides in this referendum and have had to dig deep and apply some logic to see the real reasons not the scaremongering being spread.

You may have heard me “banging on” about why it’s important to remain part of the EU for my business. In a nut shell ATBShop sells world wide. Shipping to EU counties, can cost us anything from around £15-£30, depending on the size of our shipment. We fill in one shipping label and then boom! It’s sent on its way and we have a happy customer. Where as we often miss out on sales because non EU customers have to pay not just for shipping but for customs and import taxes. This makes shipping an order, cost anything from £30-£60+ mostly due to customs charges. My staff and FedEx representative so you know absolutely love filling in the extra paperwork which comes with shipping to these non EU countries. Oh and when we tick a box by mistake and it comes back two days later to be resent again with the correct paperwork….. Well I can’t describe that feeling either. It’s a joy. I hope you’re getting my sarcasm so far? It’s only a simple example of a larger cost for any business dealing outside the UK. It’s not just export as also we import from inside the EU and outside as far as China. Non EU imports are much harder on cash-flow and come with complex customs paperwork for every shipment, but it’s as easy to order from a supplier in Paris as one in London as many even have UK £ bank accounts to make it super easy. EU trade at the moment is so easy that we now deal with a lot of manufacturers direct to save on the middle men’s cut and give lower prices to customers. Less paperwork and admin costs means lower prices for all of us it’s simple maths that even I can work out!

I’m someone who grew up watching subsides being snatched away from hard working farmers in the Thatcher era, so know how this will effect our country if we leave. Did you know that Cornwall is the most subsidised part of the UK with EU money? This beautiful part of the UK is my second home. I thought I knew a great deal about its economy, but it surprised me to hear how much EU money was spent there. Did you know that Cornwall received 50 million towards the Eden Project. Did you also know that Cornwall’s university received 173 million and that 53 million was spent on super fast broadband down there? I’m guessing not if you haven’t been an avid watcher of news night lately? Do we really think the good forks we have in Westminster will reinvest in our poorer areas as they already have such a good track record of doing in the past? They always seen much better at lining their friends pockets and filling in expenses after all.

A lot of people who are voting leave are doing so because of EU migrants, who they believe are using our NHS. Did you know you’re more likely to be treated by a migrant than to be sat next to one in a hospital bed?

As someone who is at present chronically ill, I can vouch for that statement.

There are just as many migrants coming from outside the EU than from inside. So we are doing so well at managing their numbers that have nothing to do with the EU? The EU migrants are also unable to claim all our benefits until they have put money into the system and are more likely to be working than the outside the EU immigrants. These bold headlines selling newspapers want you to believe that these migrants are stealing your jobs. When really the vast majority are contributing to our economy. Polish shops aren’t replacing UK convenience shops, but more often opening up boarded up shops and adding to our local economy’s by paying taxes, which is more than Google and Facebook are doing!

The leave campaign say “Let’s spend our 130 million a week membership on saving the NHS.” How about just getting one of those big corporations to pay the correct amount of TAX and save our NHS that way?

Also while we are on the subject of migrants, let’s talk simply about the trade deals and how Norway and Switzerland get to play with us in EU Free Trade market (but we still have to do customs forms to ship to them). Did you know because they are non EU members they have to take more immigrants than the UK pro rata to get the trade deal? Also they don’t have a veto vote they just have to follow the rulings. This cracking trade deal also means they also have no say in the trade market either. Wow sign us up now!

One of my biggest fears is loosing our manufacturing in Britain. The “Leave Campaign Crew” can’t deny that jobs will be lost if we leave. With almost 1 in every 10 jobs being linked directly to our trade deal with the EU, we’d have to be totally stupid to walk away.

If businesses like Honda who are based in Swindon find it cheaper to export to the EU from within the EU then the savings could be enough for them to close an entire factory down and relocate to another country if we leave. Now that’s a very scary prospect but one like many that could happen if we aren’t in the free EU market.

I haven’t even touched on on security. You know we as the EU share terra intelligence right? So maybe we should think hard before we throw away all these amazing connections. It’s much easier to share info when you are in the club and get more of a warm welcome.

Also I’m sure Germany and France and all the other EU countries we’ve just told to “go do one” will be so kind to us when we go asking for a new killer trade deal? I’m sure they won’t use us as an example to other EU countries why it’s best not to walk away from the EU. I mean surely they won’t make it hard for us to work, travel or trade right? I mean after all they love us when it comes to Eurovision so I’m sure we will be fine? Errr can any one say “Nil points”?

I could go on and on listing off facts and figures but like me you all need to read and research as this decision will effect us for the next 10 years. You can probably tell I am more in favour of co-operation and reform than knee jerk reform moving out of the club. Please think long term not short term when you mark that box with an “X”. Do your own research not just the stuff that a lot of wealthy people are paying us to read. But most importantly whatever your views put a x in a box on a voting slip, don’t leave it to others to vote then moan about it afterwards.


  1. It contains the most deprived area in the UK, with 33 per cent youth unemployment, and locals insist that uncontrolled European immigration has caused the decline in the once popular seaside resort.

  2. The remain team – remember these were the three best advocates for the EU selected by the official campaign – did not even attempt to argue why the EU’s plans would be good for us. They instead retreated into claiming that the plans aren’t real, or that even if they were attempted we would block them.

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