Johnny Depp being accused of domestic violence has got everyone talking. He’s been apart of our life’s for years. He’s entered and infiltrated our homes through DVD box sets, prime time TV and national newspapers. He’s been pictured as a loveable rogue with a kind heart, as his charity work nearly succeeds his acting career. But let’s add some caution here, as we remember that he is not the only kind hearted celebrity to visit hospitals with a dark past.

Many avid Johnny Depp fans rushed out to brand Amber Heard, (his soon to be ex-wife) “Gold Digger” as an initial reaction for accusing Johnny of being anything but nice. With a 23 year age difference between them, she must have been after his money right? I would say no. This pretty model turned actress is worth around 14 million dollars and is quite independent as far as her film career is concerned. She’s more than up and coming, she’s a Hollywood star in her own right.

I believe she is not a Gold Digger, just someone caught up in a whirlwind romance, infused with all the craziness of Hollywood. I mean like you would say no if Johnny Depp invited you out for dinner. He’s most women’s dream date after all.

Us mortals will never know the real goings on behind these Hollywood doors. These A-list celebrity’s live in another world; often an untouchable one as we are about to discover.

The divorce settlement had finally been reached and announced last week. Experts wrongly predicted Amber would walk away with 21 million, instead a mere 7 million was the figure finally reached in return for a joint divorce statement and charges of domestic violence against Mr Depp dropped.

Personally I think 7 million is nothing to buy her silence, when the actor is reported worth 400 million. She’s going to donate the full settlement it’s been announced, to some domestic violence charity, we are told in a press release.

To Johnny Depp fans this slinks of bitter revenge, but to others who sit on the fence a cheap publicity stunt. Some kind of last ditch attempt at rubbing salt into a very open wound. Some would say its a very clever card to play in getting one over the Pirates of the Caribbean star, but to others it’s a massive blow for women and men affected my this type of violence, as justice won’t be served.

Yes 7 million will change lives through the various charity’s she will donate to, but no way near as much as Amber fighting for justice. Accepting a settlement for her silence does nothing to empower any woman or man in her situation; in fact it serves as a massive discredit to herself, her story and to men and women with a similar history of domestic violence.

In fact it undermines the very serious nature to domestic violence. Now people will doubt her story, as there’s no follow up of justice. This will in turn cast a huge doubt on other genuine cases. Silence from an accuser after all just adds volume to the sound of “made up allegation” comments from others.

The general public will never fully know what happened that night or in the build up to that night. Most of us won’t even know about the earlier reports of violence in 2015 which have been in circulation on-line about Johnny’s jealous behaviour to Billy Bob Thornton. Apparently Johnny cut the end of his finger off by accident in a fit of rage and then dipped it in dark blue paint writing “Billy Bob”and then the words “Easy Amber” underneath on their bathroom mirror. This was in reference to her alleged affair with her co actor. Amber insists the allegations of an affair with Mr Thornton are of fantasy and strongly denies the accusation. Whether the whole chopping finger/mirror paint story is totally true we shall never know, but there are graphic pictures circulating on-line of his supposed finger and of the mirror. We also now know he has a scar on that finger too. So we are left to connect the dots for that occasion.

We know Johnny has a reputation for throwing and smashing things up whilst drunk. 1994 saw the Marks hotel NYC fall victim to another one of his vile rages. Johnny was arrested for destroying a hotel room after an argument with then girlfriend Kate Moss. He tried to blame the $10,000 worth of damage on an armadillo which was never found.

Which then leads us to the fact that Johnny never denied throwing the phone at Ambers face in their recent and final argument and their joint statement confirms no one lied. However all charges dropped to a sceptic looks as if it never took place. This is the worst form of publicity that anti domestic violence needed. In my opinion a buy out is an insult to any genuine case of domestic violence. There must have been a reason behind it I’m sure?

Speaking to others who have suffered first hand domestic violence – they can sympathise with Amber. “It’s easy…” one woman said “to sit there from a distance and say what someone should do in that type of situation, but these abusers often make you feel worthless or as if you deserved to be hurt. Sometimes the mental scars are worst than the physical ones, making it hard to speak out.”

There’s either got to be a massive lack of evidence for her not to have pressed ahead – as domestic violence cases are notorious for needing to be air tight cases. Often having no witnesses becomes harder to prove an act of violence actually took place. Alternatively Amber may have had a “I can’t be bothered – I want it all to go away attitude”. I can imagine the press hounding you day and night will take its toll. I mean could you imagine going up against one of the most loved people in the world? Calling them out and shattering their well preserved and well protected personalities. It’s ironic that he did something bad and it is her who has been made out to be the bad guy. Where’s the justice there?

For Amber there may not be any justice, but let’s hope that 7 million goes towards helping others.