Munching though a Heston Pie from Waitrose I couldn’t quite tell what flavour I was tasting. I leapt from my chair and started to rummage into the recycling bag. I couldn’t work out the taste of a particular flavour from the pie and it was driving me mad!

I started reading off the ingredients allowed, until I glanced at the words “Palm Oil”. I can’t tell you how disgusted I became with not only Waitrose, who’s meant to be the market leader in all this ethical crap we buy into, but Heston, a well known, and much loved celebrity chef.

In my early 20’s I used to work for a business connected to top celebrity chefs. I met in person many of these famous celebrity chefs, who inspired me to be a better person with their whole take on fair trade, locally selected, organic, ethically sourced food. Remember, its trendy to care about food, and where its sourced from. Ordinary people take a pride in their food – its instagraphic after all. Food is much more than just a square meal… it’s an art form.

I reached for my phone and started tweeting. That’s all you can do isn’t it? Vote with your feet and send an angry tweet?

We should all be lobbying our supermarkets, manufactures, chefs, pubs and MP’s… but we don’t. Our lives are too busy to worry about large forests vanishing over night. We don’t see it in our lives so it’s not really happening.

Ignorantly you don’t have to know anything about cooking oils to know how bad Palm Oil is, after all its destructive effects are constantly feature in the press and plastered across our social media channels. You’d have to have been living in a remote island for the last 10 years alone, not to know about the destructive effects this little edible oil causes. For more info on palm oil just google or check out this article here.

Palm Oil isn’t just bad for your health, because its high in saturated fat and low in polyunsaturated fat – meaning it could promote heart diseases, but it’s bad for our environment. Mass deforestation, animals on the brink of distinction and the biofuels from this plant based oil then turn out to be three times more harmful than traditional fossil fuels.

So why are we using what some call the “Environments silent killer” in our foods? Why are we using 66 million tons of it a year? Because people do not stand up for what they believe in? I’m writing this blog and sharing a link to educate you in the hopes that one day there won’t be the sale of this vile oil. One voice makes some noise but a crowd makes a movement.

Share, shame, petition and pledge never to buy “Palm Oil Products.”