The Kim Kardashian debate continues

Should we care…? The answer is YES.

I personally think taking a photo that leaves nothing to the imagination isn’t empowering. The fact that she chose to share that sort of photo on such a public outlet sets the wrong example.

It’s actually not ok to post nude photos of yourself on social media. That’s what porn sites are for. I don’t want to see Kims bits in my Twitter feed while I’m downing my tea and toast in a morning. Also when you post on a public platform it’s out there forever. Which I guess is fine for someone with a sex tape in circulation, but not for young girls who have to live with their consequences later on in life.

Young girls will think this is acceptable and copy. #fact.

I don’t want to see an aftermath of young girls stripping off saying that Kim K empowered them!!!

I’m not saying this because I’m a prude, but because photos like this could hinder job prospects in the future. When you’re 16 you don’t think further than a week ahead. I’m not putting young people down. I just remember what it was like to be that age and I’m thankful Facebook wasn’t around to document my antics.

She’s a role model for thousands of young girls who want nothing more than her lifestyle. Which is fine when you’re at the age of 18 but not when you’re in your 30s. I think you hit an age like mine of 32 and realise it’s a shame that girls will never be inspired to be politicians, doctors and teachers because of women like her.

She could use her popularity to empower young girls in different ways – after all she is a very clever business woman, but plays the stupid card so well.

“Come on Kim you could be so much more.”

My dyslexia made me feel I couldn’t achieve much when I was younger. That’s why I succeeded so well at sport. I just kept thinking of what I could do with my life that didn’t require spelling or reading. I wanted to be an actress because I thought I would get away without reading or writing, but thanks to some amazing female teachers who believed and empowered me I was able to achieve good grades. In my quest to be an actress I had been asked to take off my clothes and pose for photos but thanks to my teachers I was warned that this wouldn’t help any on screen career.

They were so right, and now I’m an adult I can be thankful for not taking my clothes off. I would die if any of the children, parents or clients had seen me naked on the internet.

Now for all of you who know me really well then you will know there is one photo of me out there in the public domain which might make people think I’m a hypocrite for writing this.

All I will say is there was a context for this and it’s a photo which isn’t going to shame me later in life, as I’m covered and it’s obviously a joke. To some it maybe a joke to far and a little crass, but to my circle of friends and I it’s a in-house joke which was carefully orchestrated and repeated in good humour. I carefully thought about my actions and consequences. This wasn’t a “snapchat” decision which could be captured and left to haunt me for a lifetime.

Kim’s decision to part with her clothes like she did in her stylish bathroom, just gave girls around the world the green light for some homemade photos to be circulated – entitled “#empowered.” A foolish younger Diana may have joined in, but the wiser, older Diana just looks on with disappointment as Kim – a mum, lowers herself.

Empowerment is so much more than stripping.

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  1. “A foolish younger Diana may have joined in, but the wiser, older Diana just looks on with disappointment”

    “may have joined in” or did in fact “join in”?

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